Origamix turtle


It is the turtle of the ORIGAMIX.
Tsuru is a thousand years, turtle is a million years. A turtle is a popular person who has been regarded as an auspicious living thing as a symbol of longevity.
It is also a symbol of Dorama, but in the fairy tales of “Rabbit and Turtle” it is the first popular tortoise to be the winner.
I have made rabbits and cranes in ORIGAMIX so far this time it is a turtle.
Although there is no origami of such a turtle, I imagined a turtle that made me feel like I could make it from origami.




From ancient times tortoises are the spiritual beasts of four gods. The shell is used for rituals, and the turtle shell characters carved there are the oldest kanji. In Indian mythology of space view, a big turtle carries the world on the back. In Japanese old tales, I will take Urashima Taro and go to Ryugu castle.
Will it move to the world of different dimensions that the movement that is too slow and the shape apart from the ejaculation cause imagination?
As the gamera that protects the earth even today, the status of its deified, popular character is not shaken.





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